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There are various threats facing wildlife and many want to know why it is important to protect wildlife? Animals Africa news aims to educate and safeguard all natural Life in Africa.

The news and information presented is in effort to conserve and protect, therefore through spreading these messages and news we encourage partnership and involvement of various conservation initiatives and communities to come together to support initiatives in your areas or around the world in the flight to save wildlife.



Save It to Cherish or Leave It to Parish! 

Below are a few reasons why:

Ecological balancing within our ecosystem – There is a significant amount of balance, which exists within nature, and losing, changing or harming common components can cause this balance to derange.  Living components, known as biotic variables such as plants and animals and non-living components known as abiotic variables such as like rocks, minerals and the climates, work together and to form this balance. To keep up the balance, our duty as humans is to conserve and protect these animals and their natural habitats. Therefore game reserves and natural homes to these animals are important because allowing them to roam free in their natural environment supports biodiversity and by extending it, creates an ecological balance. Therefore animals and plants depend on one another. The death of on specie is the food supply of another and so the cycle continues. Therefore when an animal becomes extinct it can negatively affect and influence the whole ecological chain and us.


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Wildlife conservation presents Economic value to a country- Individuals use many things, which are derived from plants and animals, like food, medicine and cloths, which are considered basic household needs. Not only do we need this within a country, it creates numerous jobs and income through trade. Examples of these are safari lodges and game reserves, which contributes to the countries GDP within the tourism sector.

Humans cherish wildlife – Many people love animals, whether it is the pets in our homes to the creatures we see when we go on safari, or we are set out for some swimming, whatever the case may be, animals gives us support and prodigy. They make the world additionally fascinating and differing. They play an imperative part in society and legacy, simply think about the films you have seen and the books you have read as a kid, and I’m certain you will reminisce on numerous characters that weren’t human. Their spot in human society reaches considerably further than the art of narrating, countries even use them as symbols. Animals have dependably been an inseparably bound with humankind, and the world would be a much emptier place without them

Protection of wildlife involves the whole world and not just certain people within a country. Despite the laws implemented within a country the destruction of wildlife illegal trade and poaching still continues. Therefore active co-operation from the public is needed. It is important to teach the future generation about conservation and highlight the gravity of the situation.


Lets not loose our National treasures to our rodent race of urbanization and modernization.






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